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Good wedding photography is meant to last you a lifetime, capturing on film all of the wonderful emotions of your big day. Therefore, you want someone who is sensitive to your needs and is able to blend into the surroundings. Outside of ability and experience, there are several different styles of photography from which you can choose.

For a dreamy look, soft focus photography draws upon soft lighting and the use of a special lens in order to create a more romantic setting. Portraiture refers to the formal posed pictures taken at the ceremony and reception. This is the most common style of wedding photography. Natural light photographs are very difficult to arrange because they do not use artificial light. However, if taken properly, they can resemble fine works of art. The photojournalistic approach to photography tells the story of your wedding through pictures. The photographer captures the mood of the event as it happens, following the guests in their natural states.

If this method of "capturing the moment" interests you, hiring a videographer might suit your needs. Ask to see a demo tape and make sure you employ all pertinent aspects of the videographer?s craft: editing, special effects, music, directorial style, etc.

Photography & Videography


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