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Your wedding invitation is the first thing that your guests will see concerning the big event. Whether it?s engraved or very informal, this little piece of paper can set the tone for your entire wedding, presenting its style and level of formality. Engraved invitations involve stamping a mold that leaves an indentation in the paper, and then filling the space with ink and letting it dry. Remember to think ahead, because it takes six to eight weeks to order these invitations. For something less expensive yet equally elegant, consider the "raised letter" look of thermography.

Outside of choosing your invitation type, follow these simple guidelines: select the proper paper; spend some time on wording your invitation; determine the correct postage for your mass-mailing; and be sure to order your invitations at least three months before the wedding. Optional extras include reception cards, response cards, informal notes, napkins, thank-you notes, scrolls, or "Within the Ribbon" cards for reserved seating.



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