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Flowers define the wedding's unique personality, be it traditional, romantic, pastoral, or formal. They are looked upon as an enduring symbol of love, fertility, and romance, all of which are emblematic characteristics of the marriage event.

Reserve your florist as early as possible, especially if your wedding date is near a holiday. A florist might only service one or two weddings a weekend due to their labor-intensive nature. Also, remember that you're paying the florist for his/her ideas; take advantage of their expertise, especially if you aren't sure of all the available options. Trying to stay with seasonal flowers is a good starting point. Be sure to familiarize your florist with the ceremony and reception site by either visiting the locations or providing photos.

You may also envision your big day with some extra special décor details: themes, backdrops, draperies, lighting, screens, or decorated floors, tables and chairs. Have fun planning!

Florists & Decor


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